Friday, November 21, 2008


An image took in SoHo, New York, while walking across the street, this image stop me. I pause (not a wise thing to do while across the street) and took this image with a Contax TV-S compact digital camera.  What intrigued me was the lines on the building kind of merging with the trees, and the traffic sign pole, the color, and I said to myself, what a picture. I really did not take the picture, I just record it.
As a photographer, or just as any traveller in his journey of life, everything before the eyes is a picture.  It can be quite surprising to see how blessed we are as human being, with the technology capable of recording moment in life into a timeless image and able to share with other billions.  
The original image was captured in JPEG with a compact, 4 million pixels digital Contax TV-S camera, blown up to a 24" image when I have the exhibition in National Gallery, still with pleasing quality. As most true photographers often say, it is abut the quality of vision, not the number of pixels and its resolution.  It is a waste not to shoot picture often than to invest too much into tools that does not produce images.

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