Friday, January 23, 2009


Photography is an interesting work, the one behind the camera can sometimes turn an otherwise common scene into an interesting one, simply to choose the time to photograph, recompose the posture, expression, available location and perhaps mixes of lights. 
I shot this picture in the small swimming pool of my apartment, I chose to shoot in the night so I can use the artificial light to project the pool to look more depth and visually appeared to be much larger, while I still need the trees in the corner to be lightly lit to avoid lost sense of dimension.  I use a bron-color Pulso G powered by a Verso A2 pack to light up the model to give a contrast look with her face showing off more attitude to match the lighting, and time the exposure a little longer to have the underwater lighting to properly exposed to get the right balance.  I asked the model to pose in contrary to the form of the pool and get this image. Is it luck?  Not really! But is it difficult?  Certainly not!  It is a little plan ahead of time and to be clear with the photographer himself of what is the image he wants to produce, and how to get there. Picture shot using a Canon 1Ds MK3 mounted with EF 35/1.4L.

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Joseph Lim said...

The usage of symmetry in this pic is perfect. You inspire me! And I agree with your views on making something out of the ordinary.. Artists can perform magic with nothing but 'coloured muds', brush & canvas..