Friday, March 13, 2009

Silence of the moth

One of the starring role of the Oscar winning film, Silence of the Lambs.
I shot this picture in my apartment, in fact it was where I found the moth, strangely landed on my parking lot a few days earlier, I took it and placed it on a A4 size paper as backdrop, using Canon 1Ds III, EF 100/2.8 macro lens, with Canon's Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX for this image. And what a motionless creature it is, I snap off quickly may be 30-40 pictures, using lenses between 100mm macro and the 65mm 1-5X macro lenses and the moth remained almost motionless, and silence, except with some burst of light, its antennae moves a little in reaction.
I put it back to my doorsteps, remain it on the A4 paper, and it disappeared the next day when I open my door again, and never saw it again.

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