Monday, March 9, 2009

Size Matters? You make the call!

Digital capture has allow many creative photography becomes less technical demand, easier and cheaper to achieve. What was once required only technical round-shot camera to capture, today, with digital stitch you can achieve the same result, and with careful set up and strong software experience, surpass what was possible before.
The digital capture also enable super large print becomes available at extremely high quality. What was once achievable only with very large camera, the 4X5, the 8X10 and even the much lager ones, can now be surpassed by multiple of stitches of smaller digital camera, and depend on how big the print is needed, the photographer can prepare ahead of time for the production of picture - although, and it is true, some may argue that there is still something, often, require single capture; but what digital presented to us is something, in fact lots of things not even possible before with film. The trade back is, in my perspective, less artistic process, but replaced with a more careful control production.
This picture was taken in Sichuan province, China, right after passed the Danba town, I arrive this spot and presented the view of the grand Tibetan Plateau. Shot with Hasselblad H3D39, with HC 100/2.2 lens, I mount the camera on my Seitz VR Drive, made 5 separate captures to stitch to achieve this final image, using RealViz. I could have use the wide angle lens really, but, I would not have achieve this compressed image of such picture size.

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