Sunday, April 26, 2009


Obviously enough the clarify of a portrait is often the most sought after element to define a good quality capture, it is; while argument also goes to the artist choice of varies manipulation to each individual photographer's taste. Grain, among all the heavily debated subjects, perhaps is the most popular ones after color or black and white.
In the days of film the dominated capturing media, with and with what amount of grains is by choice, the photographer come with preoccupied idea and select the film, the way to expose it, how it is to be developed, and print on what paper. In days of digital capture, it is the result, photographer work on, most likely, maximum clarity of original capture, develop and post production, may apply varies manipulating techniques to apply grains to the final artwork.
So am I offering an answer here? No! Certainly not! Grain is a subjective preference, a matter of photographer's taste and style, it does not matter grain or not. At least it does not matter to me.
Original capture with Phase One P45+ on Contax 645 mounted with Carl Zeiss 80/2.

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