Saturday, April 25, 2009


Still picture is not my most favorite subject, but if I have to do and able to choose, cosmetic is probably among the top picks.
First of all, cosmetic shots typically require higher quality, which means the competition is less if you are among the better ones, or at least you need to think you are. Second is that cosmetic shots typically involve more elements, such as pearlized material that is more difficult to reproduce the tone and texture, chrome material surface that is reflective that is hard to control the lighting, and often the type face on the cosmetic package use metal foil that reflects and can be hard to provide right refection for it to read easily, and of course the right sharpness and the right depth of field, and also often, the need to shape the cream at just the right shape and need to capture the image quick and efficient enough to make everything work.
These shots are some from the series of images produce for CoverMark, capture with Hasselblad H3D39 and HC 120/4 Makro.

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