Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Night, light, reflection

A recent shot made while I travel to Hong Kong, walking around in the central at mid evening, with a Sigma DP-1 in my hand, I snap this picture.
Night photography is not as difficult nor as easy as one may think, especially city like Hong Kong. The recent introduction of camera such as Nikon D3 and D700 with extreme capability in capturing image with high ISO setting will certainly proof shots such as this one a lot easier, but not with a small digital cam likely to associate with more noise.
Noise is one thing, color, is another. Even I can time expose the image, the different time each of the color exposed will also contribute to different result on the picture that may become less appealing, at least to my own taste, so yes, with one option I can time the camera to optimize its performance with lower ISO setting and the length of exposure but at the same time not overly do so to jeopardize the color reproduction, even camera such as DP-1 using the X3 Foveon sensor. But may be this one I got lucky.

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