Thursday, June 18, 2009

Point of view

Taken in a less popular spot in Pataya Beach, Thailand, where common impression of the famous beach city is sand, beach umbrella and chair, water sport, woman hanging around man, or man hanging around woman, and of course the bars, lots of bars.
Yet, for a quick production, beach, and usually very nice sunset, and just less than 2 hours drive from Bangkok, Pataya is still hard to beat. And the point is, to select a location that is less recognizable, and has to work, work fast, so you can practically finish the work within a day.
This picture, to avoid the over exposing landscape, I lowered myself to the sand level, direct the model to pose low, for this perspective shot that I can use the beautiful sunset as nice backdrop but not overtaking the softness of the young model. Shot with a Canon 1Ds 2, EF 24-70/2.8L, to reduce the shadow and harsh contrast on the model's face, fill with a Canon flashgun 580EXII.

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DM said...

Beautifully taken! The photo really captures the moment.