Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A recent work for a custom jwlelry manufacturer and wholesaler. Just the jewelry itself is beautiful, to match it with another beauty object - the model, is another challenge. Most of the jewelry shots I made before, as countless others, were to have model wears the jewelry, nothing wrong, if fact, perfectly makes sense.
But I want to try something else! Human, after millions years of development and evolution, create the senses that is far beyond other animals. True, we as human cannot see as far an as sharp as an eagle, but we have eyes to appreciate those fine art objects; our ears may not captured those distant sounds as many animal does, but we can share the same sorrow and happiness of the music from great musicians; we can't not smell like those harriers, but we can smell beauty!
Captured with Nikon D3X with AF-D Nikkor 50/1.4.

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