Saturday, October 3, 2009

About landscape

This is an image took in Bayanbulak, central Xinjiang, China. I use a Nikon D3 mounted with AF-S VR 70-200/2.8G IF-ED on tripod to get this night image. The D3 is well known its ability to capture low noise images, which in this image deliver the strength it was known for. However, the subject remains to be the image itself, the landscape.
What are the elements of landscape image? Quite many, and most landscape photographer can spread a long list, the light, the shadow, the near, middle and distance land features, the tress, the rocks, the ocean, the lake, the mountain........they are all right! Indeed, there is no right or wrong in photography, what's difference is the approach of each individual.
Back on this image, I have a composition of large portion of image focus on night sky, the lower mountain range forms the horizon, what I tried to express is the expanse of the mountain, and the sky is the reference in describing the size of mountain, and because of the large seemingly emptiness in the picture, I position the picture with the curve of mountain off the center, to increase the imapct of image. But what else?
Loneliness perhaps? Not that I was lonely, but to short human life, the mountain seemed lonely. The mountain stands there, slowly evolving, what seemed to be a freezing mount to mountain in fact also mirroring countless generation changes of human beings.

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Anonymous said...

Love all your China pic's. So wide open land, this pic's make me feel how cold the air is...