Sunday, November 15, 2009

Black and White in Color

The phtography as we knew it developed from the monochrom silver halide base film, then color, and quite many chemical based materials in between. Then the digital, a physical base photography, with devices made from CCD and CMOS base, promote this media to a unprecedented popularity. Erwin Puts has covered this with lots of quality essays in his blog, highly recommended to read.
Anyway, here I am talking about photography as a classical art, the photographer gets to do what he wants, regardless the media. But is there any particular way to shoot black and white film? Different from color negative? And many even go as far as different ways in shooting negative and slide. Now, with the digital device, arguments flying over internet with volumes challenges the largest hard drives.
I don't think it matters. This image, made on Sandra, with Sinar eMotion 75LV on Hy6, Schneider 80/2.8 AFD lens, is one example.

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