Friday, December 4, 2009

Clarity and Noise

Digital capture development moved toward more mega pixels, perhaps reaching (or inching) toward giga pixels, dynamic range, clarity, poor light performance, it never went back.
But an image is much more than just the absolute number of pixels, dynamic range, color depth, shdow noise, accuracy, sharpness, focus.......
Image to human started from imagination, how brain interpret the world in front of the eyes, or sometimes beyond what eyes can see. Then began the hand started to picture what's inside our mind, on sand, soil, rocks..... eventually on the bamboo, wood, animal bones, fabrics, papers.....
Paintng was never about sharpness, accurate color, clarity...... it could be, it does not has to be. So why picture should be? Capture with Phase One P45+ on Contax 645, Carl Zeiss Planar 80/2.

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