Sunday, December 13, 2009

Night Ride

Took in southern Thailand, a sighting ball cruise on a small river. I was having a dinner on a restaurant on the river side, with a Canon 1Ds II mounted with EF 50/1.2L, and an EX580II flash.
Modern technology push the shadow noise to minimum, the 1Ds II is a cemera of yesterday technology, but yesterday does not always means inferior. What if you need the noise? Of course, noise is something you can add in post process. But as a photographer, you need to work on what you need to work on, with whatever tool available on hand. With the shoe mounted flash to illuminate the boat while keeping the distant tress reasonablly dark enough, while still showing the minite detail, I override the E-TTL on the flash and go manual, something I also prefer to do when I use the artificial light.