Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Position of the camera

A jewelry shot made on Elona, at Changburi Resort and Spa, Ko Chang, Thailand, one of the spot I repeatedly visit for photography.
To get the right angle in order to portrait Elona in a longing, desiring mood, I train the Hasselblad H3D39, mounted with HC 50-100mm lower to almost the level of the water, so I can tilt the camera up for this angle to make such expression realistic. Can I take the picture from a higher angle, of course, but not with the same result.
A bron-color mobile powerpack was ued to cast a highlight on the side of Elona, creating the soft shadow to enhance the pictorial essence.
In photography, you need to get the picture, not just take the picture. In this picture, the camera is dangerously low to the surface of water, may be just an inch above water, with the little wave inside the small pool, I need to adjust myself constant to make sure I maintained reasonably low enough, and to press the shutter. It takes what it takes for a good image, and the photographer just need to decide to take it.

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