Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Watercolor was my call in my youth, but then I choose over academic study because I am not too confident about my own craft. As many arts, watercolor require someone to be on very top to be recognizable, I still think I was pretty good, in fact very good, but I don't think I can be the top of it, years and years later, never regret a bit.  Not that reconizable is that important, but in fine art, you need to be recognizable to support even a regular life.
Watercolor is about water and color, where the name comes from. With a digital camera on hand, today, it is not as difficult, time consuming or inconvenience (many people will debate into this, but often I think the inconvenience of creating art is eactly why it is so attractive being part of it) - not to mention today with a dcent stylus and software, you can literally paint on the screen as it is on paper, and it can be quite close, and in some case, extremely close - by a really good "artist", with selection of paper texture and so on.... OK, but here we talk about the camera.
This image, took by using a compact Canon G9, at Pai, a small hide-away town in northern Thailand, the small river stream runing thru rocks, refection of the blue sky, an easy snap.

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