Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Head Turner

The background is a studio set up, to create the atmospheric feel of a room, although I balance the light in a way the familiar amber tone is tuned down, because I tried to make it a little washed out on the highlight area so the visual attention will be more on the model - actually the scarf covering her, which in this case, I placed her a little off the center, to balance the larger white out area.  A bron-color Pulso head fitted with a large softbox set up on a super-boom on top of the model to reduce the light created from outside the window, which I use additional 2 pulso light with barn-door to simulate the harsh day light, defused by a translucent curtain, 2 other light on the left-hand side of the set up, to reduce the contrast of the image.  A little complicate set up for this otherwise easy shot.
Captured with Phase One P65+ on Hasselblad H2, HC 100/2.2.

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