Thursday, May 6, 2010


Composition in digital capture and production went far above the film base capture. Composition still means the arrangement of elements inside the picture, whereas it is achieved by using certain focal length of lens, angle of camera, the object to camera distance, the use of right depth of field.....all account to composition. Of course, in a single shot base photography, it might also cover as how one puts elements into where it needed, or direct the talent to move to achieve the desired visual effect. In digital capture, it also means the final assembly of multiple captures of images, something like playing the Tamiya toys.
A single example here, the talents in this image displaying the lingerie in 3 different ways. The use of mirror helped to exhibit the details of the lingerie the talent wears, to reduce further complication of adding one more model in the image; so I can use single model to get an otherwise too-common final image.
The composition is not necessary the result of a shoot, rather, it can be a preparation in photographer's mind or vision, and the camera just do the work the photographer wants it to do. This image, composed of 2 single shots, by using Phase One P65+ back on Hasselblad H2 camera, with HC 100/2.2 lens.

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