Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frame Work

Shooting a full body swimwear is not as easy as one might think, of course it is certainly fun, well, most of the time.  A recent shot in Studio SOTA 96, using the ultra versatile Canon 5D II, with EF 24-105/4L IS, the lighting set up was 4 continuous quartz day-light lamps, 1 mounted on a large parabolic reflector, while another parabolic reflector fitted with 2 heads, and one for filling up background. Although the final image display a little sultry, sepai tone, in fact the original capture exhibits very nice and natural white balance.
Shooting continuous light is not new today, especially with camera having low noise level at medium ISO setting. But still the model needs experience working with such setting.  The usual tempo is no longer there, the model no longer counting on the rythm of studio flash, and in a slightly noisy studio environment, the camera clicks will be easily missed.  Photographer in this situation needs to work with model more closely so she can pose in a harmonized way along with clicks from the camera. May be it will be nice to have a beeping device once each shutter is pressed?
Anyway, coming to the subject, the frame work.  A model, no matter how perfect she is, the right body language and composition of each part of body is a lot more important than how perfect she is, for the benefit of nice final image.  Model is a profession that they need to pose to the camera as it is a mirror, although they don't necessary need to look at such mirror, but they need to see themselves in front of a camera. And a photographer is a profession that you don't see just an object, you see a picture.

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