Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Mountain

This is a shot made recently during a trip to south west China, the region I traveled to is recongnized in China of rich minor and tribe culture, Han Chines, Tibetan, Tai and etc., wtth complicate landscape of terrain and beautiful mountain.  It is also a region connects the Tibetan plateau and mainland China, with geographic significance that many famouns rivers originated from here and drain into East China sea, or run into Indo-China Peninsula, to South China sea and Andaman sea of Indian ocean.  Rightfully speaking, this is the birth place of many cultures, and land of history.
Most of the ancient tribes share one thing in common - respect of nature.  It is of this respect, in particular to those mountains dominate the skyline, they are all considered holy.  This image of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is no exception, highly worship by the locals. Shot in Shuhe ancient town with Canon 5DII with EF 100-400L IS, this is a panoramic image stitched from 6 separate captures.  Setting sun cast the clound with rich red-orange color that gives more life to this image.

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