Saturday, July 3, 2010


A recent work shot for USTAR, on a beautiful Brazilian Japanese model, Priscilla, with Canon 1Ds III + EF Macro 100/2.8L IS.  The new Canon macro lens has recently became my most used lens, for still and motion, in the studio the IS is not really mattered, but as the last version, the 100mm focal lengn is my choice for shots such as this.
The shot is focus to portrait the beautiful skin of the model, which is indeed nice.  The skin is one of the most intimate element of the woman, one of the sexist visual attraction of a woman to man.  No wonder woman around the world spends so much on cosmetics.  And of couse I can't complain, it is part of my job and certainly I am enjoying it.


Larry said...

You did a fine job. You know your craft, and she is stunning.

K said...

with a good model, everything is a lot easier, I might just have some luck here.