Friday, July 16, 2010

Sense of Beauty

Entering into digital world might mislead many to beleive everything can be measured. Number of pixels, size of each pixel and pitch between pixels; then the color depth, 8, 10, 12, 14 bits and continue to move up; the modular transfer fucntion of an optical object and etc, but hardly these releate directly to quality, at most, perhaps the number exhibits the character of an object or in general what it is capable to produce, still, far away an enough justification of quality.
Pictures made by a fine artist, with the cheapest camera and lens, may be far superior than those from a photographer who more or less works like a test shooter with best possible equipment on somehting of no particular significance. At the end, time is the judge, time tells peopel generations later who to be remmebered.
FIFA World Cup 2010 just ended, age, experience, fitness, speed, skill, when you put all these together, still, you can't get a championship. It needs many other things that can't be described.
Beauty is the same thing.  It is hard to describe, or to measure.  Common sense tells us a beauty shot is to be of high clarify, skin details and so on, not so, often human is capable of looking a lot deeper than he aware of, feeling the spirit or wellness of the image protraits, regardless it is color or monotone, sharp or soft, in focus or not, fair or dark skin, or even young or old, beauty is sense.
Image shot with Hasselblad H3D39 with HC 120/4 Macro.

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