Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swimsuit shot

Without question that to shoot swimsuit pictures is not boring, but it is not as fun as many would think it is. One of the reason is that there are too many swimsuit pictures already taken, in studio, indoor situation or simply beautiful location with striking sunset, and I shot all of these, times after times. So why it is not fun? Of course it is still fun, just that when you shoot so many of them, eventually to get a pose that is fresh and not all too cliche, each time as a photographer, I need to work with the model to develop some different yet visually pleasing poses, while at the same time for the benefit of displaying the swimsuit itself, but more importantly, exhibiting the beautiful frame of model's body - afterall, it is the purpose of a successful swimwear or for that matter, most of the fashion labels.
Overall the years I shot quite many swimsuit and fashion lookbooks for different designers, one of the biggest concern I have is that often times the designer spend too much time working on details of the dress that ingore the fact the dress was designed to be worn. It is not a sample made from a sketch and finished there.  The person who would eventually wear the dress should be part of the design, or it would seldom work as a successful fashion statement.
This image was made with a Canon 5DII + EF 85/1.2L.

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