Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clarity and Reality

I have posted many times, and said often, and very much believed so, that there is no rule in photography. Although all the development of camera technology, optical design, tools and so on all biased towards higher definition, more dynamic range, higher resolving power, less noise and so on, they still don't sum up a great picture, or even a good picture, becasue it is still photographer's vision related.
One can put this into contex that although human in the last 10 centuries or so have developed from dweling in caves to sky scrappers, from walk to taking supersonic jets, wearing hides to Armani, but the basic emotion hardly change, the love and hate, like and disgust, joy and sad. And for a picture, perhaps these elements matter more.
So is this simply consumer driven? Or just to fullfill engineers' dream? Or simply just because of our human nature, try to know the unkown? try to do the can't do? May be all of them.
So what leaves to us?  Still the same very basic decision. We like it because we like it.  The digital technology today has enabled a camera on just about anyone's hand, from the small hole in our notebook computer screen, the cellphone, the compact camera, the rangefinder camera, the view camera, the technical camera, the motion picture camera, or just a canvas on a wall with a window for exposure?  All of them.
But still, styles of creative individuals went on using all the tools, basic or hightech, small and big, electronic and mechnical, produce artworks that are none matter to whichever tool or media they use, because those really does not matter.
This snapshot, use SONY NEX-5, might as well taken from a cheap cell-phone, but does it matter?

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