Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What have changed?

In photography?  Perhaps nothing.
The digital technology today, or even the silver base film photogrpahy yesterday, all tried to use the media to express what the artist see, and wished the artwork to be seen.  True, mass market photography equipment has developed a lot, some reach 60 millon pixles in single capture, even some moble phone can allow its user to shoot picture of 10 million pixels, quite enough for most of the populat media today.
This image for example, shot with a 39 million pixel digital back - Hasselblad H3D-39, with HC 120/4 Macro, display on the conventional monitor screen is hardly any different from those captured by much smaller cameras. Although, some may argue that with much larger file size, and especially those from the medium format digital backs allow more leeway of post processing, retouch and print, perhaps.  But it is not the purpose of photography, but then again, the original definition of photography was base on the understanding of technology in its day, certaining meaning do change, and is it photography?

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