Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Moment

I work with lots of models, most of them professionals, but yet you still find them rather uncomfortable in front of cameras so it is a big part of the job to get them relaxed.  Perhaps they are not uncomfortable with camera, they are uncomfortable with themselves.
True, and particularly for models, no one knows them better than themselves.  One may wonder that models - or for that matter - most women spent hours in front of mirror seeing themselves, what else they did not know, or they know too much?  That nothing is perfect!  Yet the model is in a business to present perfect - of course they are not but they need to portrait that, and the photographer knows they are not but need to train his camera to get the best angle that works for the picture so the result will be closer to perfect, and if not - comes the Photoshop.
Perfection may not be realistic, but it is the ideal, so every knows what is not possible but all look for impossible and making efforts to believe impossible possible. And the victim is the model, and photographer is the victim of the Photoshop.
All said is true, but often there are moments that the camera does able to take a glimpse of them and turn that into an image, sometimes you called that luck!

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