Friday, November 19, 2010

After Sunset

This is a shot made awhile ago, using the relatively old camera, Canon 1D II with EF 27-70/2.8L at Pataya beach, Thailand.  The shot was made shortly after sunset and the sky displayt a very attractive color.  I use a simple Canon flash gun 580EXas to highlight the skin of the model and balance with the background color, while honestly reproduce the realistic ambient light.
It is not always needed for a large production crew for shot like this but a practice of using small flash.  The modern flash gun from all the major manufacturers are all quite good and qith adequate manual adjustments. Although the Canon 580 EX does come with a dedicated E-TTL exposure, however, as always, I tried to rely on my own experience of using manual output to balance the light the way I prefer. There is nothiong wrong to use auto exposure but iot is always nice to spend a little more time to adjust everytihng with each one's preference and get the result that is a little different from those common ones.

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