Sunday, December 19, 2010


This shot was made as a part of final artwork, for a Home Furnishing company who produce high quality lacquer ware.  The Russian model, Anna, a painter herslef understood the shot I need, as venus stainding on the sea sheell - which, of ocurse, shot separately and photoshop them together.
The image was taken with a Canon 1Ds III mounted with EF 85/1.2L, the high key background was intended for the final photoshop work, for final artwork.
The cloth is reduced to minimum while keeping the image still viewable by as many people as possible, and can be appreciated by both sexes.
People who follow my blog or image work on-line somewhere else might notice woman is one of my favorite subject, not only that I am a man interested at woman (and who won't?), but also that shooting people, beautiul people, especially when they wear little or no clothings is a challenge.  The challenge is to get images that model, clients and myself all comfortable with.  My approch of taking image of near nude or sometimes nude image is always base on a goal that the final image has to be appreciated by both woman and man, or most importantly, the model in the picture will not feel embarrassed when people saw her in the picture.

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