Monday, January 31, 2011


This is an image taken on the young and lovely Thai model, Ploy, who Steve McCurry called his "new muse"!
It was taken last Sunday at the Jim Thompson Thai House & Museum, an easy afternoon, and a very casual environment.  I have in the past worked with Ploy for some commercial works and thought it might be good if she is to be photographed by the master, so the arrangement is made, although just a rather short session.
Steve McCurry was obvious impressed and inspired by Ploy and needless to say Ploy was thrilled.  Afterall, on the catwalk or in front of camera in studio or location for commercial work is a total different experience compare to shot by an internationally known portrait master whose works graced the cover of National Geography and other publishing for countless times.
Not prepare to shoot for this particular time but I have a Sony NEX-5 with me so while Ploy was taken a short rest, I took this snapshot!

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