Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Confusion is a bad definition of something well mixed, at least for the image sample here. 
The image was taken at a shower room with running hot water that created the steam, the condensation, the drips, and the sweat on the model’s face. I would have to move around, and have the model moved around to get a clearance on the glass door that has enough opening for a shot like this.
Because of small space and the glass would easily reflect the light source so I was using a Canon 1Ds III mounted with a standard 50/1.2L lens, getting as close as I could, and use a shoe mounted Canon 580EX flash pointed backward to avoid the reflection of the burst.  The angle of light is controlled so that a little shade is created to give an extra dimension on the face as well as the water drops.
Thanks to the modern digital technology, with the instant review on the camera rear LED I was able to finish the image rather effectively and quickly. Will it be possible with film camera? Of course, but then either I need to depend on more luck, I might as well need some extra Polaroid

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