Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rhythm of the rain

Human mind is constantly at works, even we see a still image, our brain through our eyes is always trying to decode the message the image is to convey, regardless if it is there, and I believe it is always there, although each unique individual will read it in his own way.
For example this image, taken inside a shower room – the running raindrops were in fact came down from the showerhead, but in reality, it is no different in motion as the common raindrops.  
The shot was taken with a Canon 1Ds III camera and a standard 50/1.2L lens, and due to the small space inside the bathroom and also because I don’t have other lighting equipment available at the moment of shoot, I was using a rather primitive, 10 years old Canon 580EX to mix with the available light from the shower room, and with a lower shutter speed, to give the falling raindrops a glimpse of light, as well as a catch light in those lovely yet piercing eyes.
Coming back to the subject.  When I was shooting the picture, intended to have the water came down from the showerhead, looking through the viewfinder, I can hear the song “Rhythm of the rain” between my ears.
This is not magic at works, just human nature!  Our brain constantly gives feedback to what’s coming into our eyes, when we see raindrops, we can almost listen to the sound of it, feeling the rain drops on us, water running down from our neck… or something else?

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