Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Subjective and objective

Making a lingerie shot is without doubt very fun, and I would say this for both sexes, and for many reasons.
To being with, no one is perfect, even the best models. And therefore, with only lingerie, or what I prefer to call it intimate wears, is a great challenge to the person who wears it.  And a bigger challenge to wear it in front of other person, and yet more challenge to wear it and pose in front of a camera. To produce the shot with a challenging subject is always more fun for photographers, at least to me.
Then the intimate wear itself, and the example here, Hello Kitty.  When Yuko Shimizu created the now cult icon, Hello Kitty, back in 1974, she may not realize how big the cat will grow beyond her wildest dream. And funny enough, the original full name of Hello Kitty was Kitty White, and eventually the pink came into scene and now a part of it.  And the icon now appears on intimate wears.
Of course sex of all kinds can enjoy an image of intimate wear, but it is often to be seen by female for their purchase judgment, whereas more or less a material for man to fantasize, for most, not all.
To create an intimate wear to look comfortable, a bit of sexy is a complicate process.  The right lighting, the right focal length of lens is chosen, the model, how she poses, and also the intimate wear itself, the right facial expression…..all the lead to an image will be appreciate by man – the 3rd party, and loved by woman or girl – who pays (most of the time, at least for Hello Kitty), is a balance between subjective and objective. 

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