Friday, June 3, 2011

Sky, Man, Earth

The fundamental Chinese philosophy is base on the belief of Sky-Man-Earth, or more specifically, the balance of it.   And such belief influences Chinese people on how they live, and certainly, the Chinese medicine.
This shot was made recently at a small ancient town – Shangli, also called an “ink and wash landscape”, situated in the western Sichuan Basin; the town was once an important trade post on the Silk Road (south route) and the ancient Tea-Horse Trail in history.  Just over an hour drive from Chengdu, Shangli was the first stop of my recent Great Shangri-La travel embarked from Chengdu to end in Lijiang Ancient Town.
I walked slowly in the ancient town, slowly digest what was here, how could have it been thousands years ago, and certainly, what have been changed and rebuilt – after all, this is China.
This shot was made on an old man who looked after a Chinese herb shop, and on the back of it, believe it or not, is a real clinic with real Chinese doctor who actually looked after patient.  Late morning sun flooded the stone street on the outside and the old man sit himself close to the door to get some warmth, and gave me an opportunity to made a shot with side light.

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