Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Really! The NEX Big Thing?

More than a year ago when I started to use the Sony NEX camera, I post on my blog “ The NEX big Thing?” and a little more than a year later, Sony introduced more NEX cameras, 2 models were upgraded version the NEX-C3 and NEX-5n (see the logic?)  with small step up in resolution but hugely improved sensor performance and video capabilities – have I use one of these yet? No, I have not. Because I am still happy with my NEX-5 and I am looking at one or two NEX-7, a small package of 24mpxl sensor and the basic of all the basic full-HD shooter could have asked for (with AVC-HD2) and a 2.4mpxl electronic viewfinder – and obviously I have yet tried one, but I will once it is available in the market.  Before that, I will trust the review from Luminous Landscape and I trust what I believed.
My blog is more about images, less on technical or the gears but every so often I will have a piece here and there about the equipment because it is interesting for me as a photographer, it is interesting for me to understand the prospect of technology development, also it interests me as I involved in industrial design.
On the design front, I don’t like the NEX camera, I think they can be designed better and eventually could bridge even more versatility, and of typical recent SONY fashion, they missed it.  The NEX camera does not look new, in fact they look like old camera, something out of fashion – something SONY tried hard to portrait themselves as design driven, but often arrived at the opposite end, kind of like Micorsoft’s keyboard – sometimes it is not matter how much budget there is, it matters with the taste of decision maker.   And the name?  Why is the upgrade version of NEX-3 is NEX-C3 and NEX-5 is NEX-5n? Only Japanese knew. But I would admit one thing; NEX is not a bad name. They should just play simple.   Enough on the design!  If they know enough, they did it.
My interest on the NEX is because I don’t see it as a camera; rather, I see it as a multi-functions digital back!  I started using digital back many years ago and still using many of them for my professional work, also for my own image works, along with many systems I also use, such as Alpa Swiss, Canon, Nikon, Leica and the SONY NEX.   Of all, only NEX can work with most of the lenses I have, with varies adapter, and with the built-in electronic viewfinder of NEX-7, it is a compact digital back with precise viewfinder, capable to shoot (and sweep-panorama of any lens attached to it) and able to shoot fine full-HD videos… A replacement for rangefinder?
Is the time far from us to see a full-frame NEX?  Perhaps NEX-9? I would guess not! With current market momentum, I think it is rather likely.  And by the time the electronic viewfinder goes above 3mpxl, the argue over optical and electronic viewfinder would subside – I believe. Will the NEX type camera becomes mainstream?  Not impossible.
So what’s next?  An interchangeable mount-module?  Rocoh GXR is an interesting idea only that I think it has scratched a ground that is for someone else to build.  A system unit with a fine sensor, electronic viewfinder, rear articulating screen (even removable as remote?) and then an adaptive mount changeable to accept large available lens base available with way of electronic control?  Should be something to come out soon. 
Or what about a medium format NEX?
Image of a NEX-5 with iris-control mount adapter to Canon EOS + EOS to Hasselblad V mount adapter + Legendary Carl Zeiss Tele-Superachromat T* 300/2.8,  image shot with Canon 1DS III + TS-E 90/2.8

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