Saturday, June 30, 2012

More on SONY NEX-7

Another shot of Anastasia; also captured with SONY NEX-7, further proving NEX-7’s capability as studio compact.  However, the advanced electrical viewfinder in the studio when primary light source is strobes became slow to react – as the lens setting close down to f/11-13 at the camera’s lowest ISO setting, the user needs to go to the setup for “Setting Effect Off” on the Live View Display of the Setup menu to be able to focus – slow but still useful – this is something the future mirrorless system with EVF to improve.  Of course, the user can select the AF/MF Select to DMF, which will provide a useful manual focus aid in with a selected enlargement., while setting the flexible spot focusing where it is needed.
So what’s next?  Typically, following the Minolta footpath, the series “9” will be reserved for the top model in the camera line up, and it is safe to predict a NEX-9 is inevitable, hopefully a little beefier, can be a little bigger, with yet improved sensor?   Will it be a FF model later?  I hope so – doing it with a hybrid mount that can accept E lenses and legacy Alpha lenses?  We might see that happened soon.

Bangkok, 2012

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