Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Size and quantity of pixels

The photography world has long been in discussion and debate over the importance of individual pixel performance and the number of pixels and it only gets further heated after two of the most influential rivals – Canon and Nikon introduce their popular pro model in February, Canon 5DIII and Nikon D800/D800E respectively. As it is not interesting enough, with Canon fabricates most of its own DLSR sensors, SONY has been the prime supplier for the sensors found on most Nikon, and notably, the one on D800/D800E, with SONY itself eyeing to increase its share in the higher profile DSLR market, will continue to heat up the discussion.
I use all the systems, and in many ways aware of limitation of each of the sensor capabilities, and there is no quick answer, and may be there will not be a final answer as there are too many kinds of photography, situations of photography, that may need many different specification of sensor designs.  It is all good for the consumers.
Photo taken at Tian Mu, Taipei, on a building of American School in Taiwan under construction, with Nikon D800E, AF-S Nikkor 24-70/2.8G ED.
Taipei, 2012

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