Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The little Kayan

Although what was the exact origin of such brass neck coil meant for may never be known, Kayan women, when asked, acknowledged varies ideas but often say that their purpose for wearing the ring is cultural identity.  The coil, once on, is seldom removed, as the coiling and uncoiling is a lengthy procedure.  It is usually only removed to be replaced by a new or longer coil.
In recent time many women have started to remove the coils and in particular the Government of Burma began discouraging this tradition as it struggled to appear more modern to developed world and consequently many women in Burma began breaking the tradition but in Thailand the practice has gained popularity in recent years because it draws tourists who bring revenue to the tribe, or specifically, the businessman behind the scene.
While seeing this cute little Kayan started to put on the coils that may continue to compress her clavicle, it is picture perfect moment for the one with camera, but just a way of making live for a little girl.
Taken with a SONY NEX-7 with E 18-55 OSS.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2012

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