Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It all happened at once!

This is an image taken during my trip to Nepal in March, 2010, quite some months ago, captured with a Canon 5DII with EF 35/1.4L.   I don't like to use zoom, not that the zoom is not good enough, it is, and I use them sometimes in my professional works as well. But I prefer to use prime lens wheneven it is possible, include this one.
The shot was taken at the famous Dubar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal.  Check out my Nepal travel blog. The shot was made on a prime Canon 35/1.4L lens, a reasonable compact and excellent prime lens which I have over 10 years. The 35mm lens on full frame 24X36 DSLR give a very nature perspective, it is more or less like human eyes look at something at 5-8 meters away, a distance not too close, and not too far.  Or sometimes it also provides a close focus that have a little extra room to tell more story.  With this picture, I patiently wait for something to happen, something I am not sure, but I knew it will. Certainly this is not the only shot I made, but I did not shoot a whole lot, because then I might lost the intensity, and may miss more easily.  Display in front of me was a Nepali family, the monkey is wild (not exactly, but it is wild in the city, like in many Hindu nations) and join the scene later.
While I was waiting for the scene, I was looking through my viewfinder, while my brain was picturing Norman Rockwell's painting, an American watercolor artist I found of when I was crazy about watercolor in my high school days, which was quite many years ago.  Something came up my mind all of sudden, I felt a smooth, nice breeze, and for no reason I press the shutter, and got this image. It was a perfect moment for me, and something like a Norman Rockwell painting.  The expressions on the face of each one, the set up, and the skirt of little girl flip by the wind, it all happened at once.

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