Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The choice of lighting

This is an image shot in a small bathroom, and by that, artificial lighting set up is rather difficult. Modern digital technology offer extremely good quality image using available light but I always use it as a last resort, and of course, its quality although acceptable, it is still not comparable to lower to medium ISO setting,
This image of beautiful Thais for example, I could have used ISO 1600 with the available room light but then I would lost critical crispness of the image and nice rendition between the highlight and shadow area so I use a shoe-mounted flashgun to balance the room light, and was able to ISO 200 at f/5.0, at 1/50s. To avoid harsh flash light on the subject, I turned the flashgun away from the subject and find a wall to reflect/bounce the light to get this final image. * Shot with Canon 1DsIII, EF 50/1.2L, and 580EX.

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