Sunday, August 12, 2012

The megapixels question

2012 will be remembered a benchmark year that 2 major camera makers – Canon and Nikon switch rolls, SONY emerged beyond a sideline player, Sigma plays oddballs.
We have the archrival Canon and Nikon with one was playing catch up in megapixels and broke the megapixels count by an admirable 50% - 36.3MP from who does not speak of megapixels in the day of fallen behind while Canon now saying the have the ability to do whatever, but chose to stay low – 24MP for the merit of better image quality – finally lost its lead in megapixel war – on all grounds. 
SONY avoided the direct competition, and out smart all other divisions inside its own corporation, supply the cut-throat sensor to Nikon, then staying with its own game of SLT and mirrorless cameras and enjoy its success – while their corporation’s future shadowed due to bad sales on most areas outside image and semi-conductor department.
Meanwhile, Sigma continue to sell its way of calculation, rebrand the nice Foveon sensor on their camera SD-1 Merrill, DP-1 Merrill and DP-2 Merrill – with the latest X3 sensor – 4,800 X 3,200 pixels X 3 layers – so you would arrive at 46 MP as it is claimed by Sigma, and on its own camera only!  Would Sigma one day also sell its sensor to other manufacturer?  Hope so, after all, Sigma is a lens manufacturer supply lens of all focal length for varies camera mount – and chance is, it is likely to buy the lens with mount configuration other than Sigma!
Confused?  No, this is a great time to be photographers.
Image of Kyra lingerie shot with Sigma SD-1 Merrill, a camera well deserve respect!

Bangkok, 2102

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