Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nudity and Skin

Not all, but many pictures about nudity is focus on the texture of skin, contrast of light and shadow, the beautiful form of body......., mine is no exception. Except, perhaps, I tried to do it in a slightly different way by using very strong light to paint the body of the model, try to make the skin glow, and a little dream like, may be.
Beyond that, a beautifully presented nudity image is nothing to be ashamed of. And so I direct the model to face light, comfortable with herself.......
Shot on a compact Sigma DP-2 camera. Although low in pixels count when comparing some main stream digital camera, big or small, the little compact camera has the ISO setting similar to a larger camera that I use in studio, and full manual control that allow me to take some snap shot such as this along working with my studio cameras.

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