Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shadow and Light

Shadow is everyday experience, and there is shadow because of light. The relationship between light and shadow can often be an interesting object itself, and play it with another object, architecture work, interior or fashion, can be quite fun.
This image, taken at Rajaprapha Dam in Surat Thani, Thailand, another favorite place to visit, and to photograph. Using Canon 1Ds Mark 2, with EF 24-105/4L setting at around 28mm, I use a bron-Color mobile powerpack to power a mobile lite, thru an umbrella defuser, to control the constrast of the shadow on the model's body. It was a beautiful day helping me capture the vibrant color. Uisng a wider lens also allow me to work in tiny area. The shadow is cast from the sun sceen usually use for garden, and in this case, the boatman use to cut the strong southern Thailand sun. Everyhing is there, I just made use of it.

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