Thursday, June 16, 2011

The boutique shop

Walking on the street of Xinduqiao will not give you a sense of shopping. It is not. The city is rather small by Chinese standard, the street is nicely laid out, all the shops open in the day time, but they sell just rather primitive articles, life necessities, old-fashion apparels; so when I discovered the small Tibetan boutique I was pleasantly surprised.
The owner of the boutique is a young lady, rather nice looking for a Tibetan – at least she is to me. I walked in the shop with a camera and appeared having no business with her boutique, but I was greeted with nice smiles anyway – from her, and two other men in the shop, perhaps one of them is her husband, so I told myself to be careful.   And before I was ready, the smiles changed to warm invitation, so with a camera on hand, I became her photographer of the day.
This shot is among the first few of her, with the colorful Tibetan costume behind her.

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