Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Strokes of color

It is true modern digital photography allows huge potential in post digital processing and editing, still, it can’t replace photography, and certainly not to replace painting.
This image for example, taken in a poplar forest in Ejina Qi, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia, with a SONY NEX-5, ISO 200, E 18-55mm lens setting at 39mm, f/11, 0.4s.  One shot, without the use of Photoshop. But can the effect achieved in Photoshop or other editing software?  May be similar, but not exactly.  The motion effect although can be achieved in Photoshop but its focal plane is fixed while in actual shoot the camera movement is omni-directional, and each one is unique of its own.  And of course, it needs the spontaneous involvement from the photographer, rather than a sitter.
With some practice, everyone can eventually develop his own sense to achieve certain results that becomes his own style, with more selected environment, subject, time of the day to create the image.  And it is fun.

Ejina Qi, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia

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