Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still and movement

Digital technology today offers photographers choices of tools for creativities that was not possible before it, of course, the result is still very much base on the photographer, and the photography it self.
For example this image, shot at Dunhuang, China, with Canon 5D2 using EF 70-300/4-5.6L IS, stopped down to f/16 with shutter speed of just 0.3s., the lens was setting at 70mm.
I handheld the camera to capture the image preparing to create camera shake for some motion blurring while intend to still have the camera register certain recognizable details.
Photoshop was not used here, it is purely a single capture from the camera with some color tuning during raw process using Capture One Pro 6.4.1.
Will image such as this be produced with film, sure, except the color adjustment may be a little more limited.  But the digital technology today provides an instant review of what I took on a subject that I have imagined, I was given some allowance of mistakes, and with some tries, I got what I want.

Dunhuang, China, 2011

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