Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Balancing the light

This shot is made at Changburi Resort and Spa, Koh Chang, Thailand, one of my favorite location to shoot, and rest for short holiday, just few hours drive from the busy Bangkok city life.
I took this picture in late afternoon, when the afternoon sun gives just enough light for the detail in the shade but not over burning it, and add a little warmth to the picture. I have the model stand in the pool , and so was I, to get to the model close enough and low enough for the particular angle I like. To balance the light and raise overall contrast of the picture, a bron-color mobile light was also use, thru an umbrella to have the right reflection on the running water. I tune down the picture so the focus on the model is concentrated.
Shot with a Canon 1Ds 2, EF 24-105/4L, with bron-color mobile powerpack. By the way, regular sync-cord is not recommended, it may not fire the flash due to lack of grounding, or for safety concerns. Radio slave is the way to go, besides it frees you from obstruction of wires. In this shot, I was using a pair of Quantum Freewire, not of any particular reason, I also use Pocket Wizard often, especially when I need to use my light meter - a Sekonic light meter will work wirelessly with the Pocket Wizard. One more tip - for those not residing in America, make sure you pair the radio frequency right, a FCC unit won't work with EC unit or vice versa, my first Sekonic L-758DR was purchased in Thailand thru the official dealer but they are all EC configuration, I later bought a FCC version to use to solve the problem - note - an EC version won't even work with the plug-in FCC radio module.


Monkey King said...

Love hearing the process and thoughts behind your images. Please continue to post!

K said...

And sure, you can count on it.