Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Changburi Resort & Spa

No, this is not an advertising, although I do not hesitate to suggest that it is a great choice of vocation destination for anyone goes to Ko Chang Island, off east coast of Thailand.
I have shot in this beautiful hideaway resort and spa for too many times, and of course, wonderful times. Also by the fact the I know the owner personally, which did help when you find spots to shoot pictures, around or even away from the resort. In fact, a camera is a nice social tools, of course base on what you shoot, but in general you get above averaged assistance when you are in the process of making good images.
Ko Chang is to me a location to spend time, rather than make time. As a report island, it seems the clock here is not running as precise as in the cities, particularly those cities in the industrial countries, where the time for a cup of coffee, tea, meal or many things will be in a swift mode..... not in Ko Chang, people come here want to feel the time, enjoy the slow, being still - and by the way another suggestion is to go to Chiangmai, the northern tourist hub of Thailand, where people proud of being slow and harness it as a local culture. Think about it!
This image, taken at the newly finished spa of Changburi Resort, lovely Elona from Russia, with Hasselblad H3D-39 and HC 100/2.2.

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