Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take Everywhere Camera?

The rise of internet, the rise of facebook and etc. has pave the way for camera makers, include those mobile phone makers and lens makers, to be able to reach more members of a household, and anywhere in the house, and outside the house.
Waves and waves of new product introduction surfaced, photographers around the world have never been offered such many choice before, at such price.  More than 10 years ago, for a common household, it was which camera the family should have.  Now, each one wants different, sometimes more than one. Smaller cameras especially, quickly gained a cult status while some real jems in the day of film, got their name slowly, often silently.  Well, it was then, this is now.
A cemra like SONY NEX-5 hosted the features worth half a truck load of equipment, and may be cost a supercar, compares to what one has to do with silver base media or tapes. But is it a take-everywhere camera?  Almost.  What about the TX-7 from Sony?  Much closer?  Or a iPhone 4 or Blackberry?  Then people started to ask about the available print size (no matter they actually want such print or not - specification is a feel good matter, not really that practical), the capability of this and that, then the search reverse, evnetually may settle at a camera like Canon 550D or 5D2 or even the just introduced Nikon D3100. A complicate quesiton indeed, due to varies human behaviors. It is really depend on what you need.  What I see now as an interesting trend is the real professional took a really small compact as their take-everywhere while a novice one usually carry one (or more) larger with more serious look as their take-everywhere.
This image, however, a snapshot with a NEX-5 and 18-55mm, in a houseware retailer outlet, available light.

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