Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's NEXT?

This is a shot taken with SONY NEX-5 with the kid zoom, 18-55mm.  It was shot during one of the recent short film productions of my studio.   The Russian model, Anna, just finished make up, was patiently waiting for the set up of the scene.  Being using the larger COMS sensor, the NEX-5 recorded the detail in shadow beautifully.
I have in previous post discussed about the recent EVIL trend, EVIL - acronym of Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens, is the talk among advance shooters, indi film makers and certainly some novice shooter's hot topic. Some professionals also cannot resist themselves from those talk.
At the moment of this writing, SONY NEX line of camera is the camera of the hour. It pushes the EVIL concept a little further, pack more technology, larger sensor, more bells and whistles into a smaller box.  And most likely, we will see more to come.
SONY was an electronic giant in the past, then it ambitiously entered into different, although somehow related fields, to try to market the brand as a multi media company, with some success and some failure.  Along the way, SONY picked up Minolta (and where is Konica now?) and we see the line of camera today very much the childern of this move. So expectedly, we shall see the NEX-7 and NEX-9 coming.  But different from the typical Minolta move which the milestone product being the series 7 while the flagship being the series 9, SONY cleverly introduce the NEX-5 and NEX-3, more or less as throwing stone in the pond - to wait and see. So what will be coming from SONY?  Or as a whole, what will be coming next from the giant like Canon?  Or Nikon?
This is not a post for prediction, but certainly I can see NEX-7 coming - very likely by October, quite certainly by end of 2010. And NEX-9, we shall see.  What's not the change?  The mount and lens system of course. Sensor?  May be, may be not. May be not because the current sensor is quite good, but can be better, so it is a may be. Hotshoe?  I wish, for my own reason, and I suppose so for many professional photographers, for reasons too many to say. Will it be similar size? Yes, but this is not a big matter for the market the 7 series is targeting, I suppose. Focusing system?  Can SONY imporove from the current constrast detection system to phase detection as Fuji recently introduce?  Highly expected, or may be SONY has somethines else in mind.
SONY has introduced the NEX-VG10 which was billed for is advanced amature but I can see many indi movier is eyeing it, me too. And a real pro model?  Better quick, because we will see lots of these coming soon.
Lens system?  Can we ask for a 20/2 prime, 24/2 prime, 35/2 prime, 50/2 macro?  Or is this asking too much?  Or can we even ask for Carl Zeiss?
What about Canon?  Certainly it will be coming, but Canon is less predictable.  Canon is the last to introduce AF in SLR among the maor makers, because they eye into different scale and perspective. I susppose Canon is study, studying hard. Will a new lens mount introduced?  May be and may be not. What SONY did on NEX is a good example that the mount can be somewhat larger in diameter than the camera, so why Canon just don't simply adapt the existing EF mount to an EVIL?  With additional electroniconctact for new lenses?  Or an entirely new lens mount to bring new AF system to the EVIL? More on this later.

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