Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hailstone - the fallen ice

I was here in Yading almost same time last year with zero luck to see any of the patron saint of Yading, except light rain, thick fog, hailstorm and snow.  It is a change of luck this year although I have also met all these, but the light does break to allow me a good view and some time to capture the splendid peaks.
Hailstorm must be often at this area or I must have the luck with it.  With a modern well made camera and lens, a hat (always good to have one for what-so-ever reason), and a Gore-Tex.   The hail (hailstone) is literally a piece of ice, and I was able to continue to stay in the storm to shoot because those ones I met in Yading is fast coming, fast gone, and small, just about 6-7mm in diameter.   There was hailstorm in India in 1939 said to weight 7 ½ pounds and killed cattles and damage crops.  Run for a good shelter, if it is in that case.
Shot in the beginning of the hailstorm.

Shot awhile later, this and above images shot Canon 5DII + EF 24-105/4L IS.

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