Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The rain and the snow

Yading is an interesting place that there is horse ride from the entrance to Chonggu Monastery, then there is another 15km trail to Milk Lake which the national park offer electric car service – of course with another fee at RMB 80, one way.  Advice: bring enough RMB cash when travel in China, the admission fee to national park is not inexpensive here.  I shot around the Chonggu Monastery and in particular the north face of Chenrezig Peak, then just about the lunch time, we took out our instant noodle, prepare us a hot noodle lunch – thanks to the boiled-and-hot water provide for public by the ticket station. And then we took the electrical car to the Milk Lake.
A mere 15km is not a long ride, and the small trail barely allow 2 electrical cars passing is quite nice, and it just took a few minutes but these few minutes see the dramatic weather change.  We started the ride in bright sun and few minutes later arrive at Milk Lake and soon we are welcomed by rain!  And soon enough the rain fell with mixed of snowflakes.  Always have a Gore-Tex with you!  And choose your camera bag wisely!  And my choice is ARC’TERYX and Lowepro, they are not inexpensive, but I have these for YEARS!
Chanadorje Peak, 5,958 meters, east Tibet. Taken with Canon 5DII + EF 70-300/4-5.6L IS,  yes, use them in rain and snow comfortably.

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